The full share for week 4  will look like this:

2 heads of Lettuce – Tango, which is a frilly loose head and Webb’s Wonderful, which is iceberg

1 head of Broccoli – smaller then the Fall crop, but just as tasty

Garlic Scapes (take what you can use for the week)

1 bag of Spinach  –  the last of it till Fall

Snow Peas –  the first of the 3 types of peas we grow to ripen

Radish – our second planting has arrived!

Kohlrabi – the vegetable from outer space;  need an idea?  try

Kale – if you swear you don’t like kale… try making kale chips

Collard Greens –  collard greens are the new bread!

Red Beets – The wait is over!


With the heat finally arriving and all the moisture in the ground the fields of veggies are looking good!  The pressure and heat has really been on the farmers here to stay after all the weeds and get things planted.  We managed to get our sweet potatoes, 2nd cucumber planting, and next year’s strawberries in the ground this weekend.  Still on the agenda is all the winter squash, 2nd melons, parsnips, and dry beans.  The heat is ON! 

We do have some strawberries still out there that can be picked but it is getting to be tough picking with the bad ones interspersed throughout the patch.  Members will still be welcome to pick their own strawberries this week, but we are over the peak of quality and quantity just to warn ya!   After this week,  I will mow the patch back and renovate it as a way to keep it under control for next year.  We also have extra rhubarb available if interested.

Don’t forget to bring along any beef orders or to email them to me.  The beef orders may be placed all season long!