Beautiful Spring weather continues and so do the greens!

Here is a look at what to expect this week in a full share

2 qt strawberries

1 Bag of Lettuce mix

2 Heads of Red Romaine

1 Bag of Spinach

1 Bag of Microgreens

1 Head of Yokatta Na

1 Bag of Broccoli Raab

6 Spring Onions

12 Japanese Turnips

1 Bag of Dandelion

1 bunch of Collard Greens or Swiss Chard


The strawberries are really having a wonderful season and we hope to be able to pick each member a quart or two AND open it up to PYO for $2.50/qt this week on Tuesday and Friday during our normal CSA hours!

We have a few new types of leafy greens in the share also this week.  Dandelion, Broccoli Raab, Collard Greens, and Swiss Chard all make great cooking greens.  The microgreens are perfect for garnishing just about anything.  We also have fantastic heads of red romaine in the share this week too. 

In case you are interested in joining our new private facebook page, in order for us to add you, you have to find the page on facebook, then ask to be invited from that page.  Do a search on facebook for TFF Community.  We have had some problems with members finding other TFF Community pages just to make you aware.  Who knew this would be so complicated?!?  Once you join us,  you will be able to share your own recipes and talk with other members about what they are doing with each week’s share.

We will also be sending out Calaboga Grazing’s order sheet for their beef and pork to all members via email tomorrow.  

A few crops coming up in week or two are Snow peas, Red Beets, Kohlrabi, and Broccoli.  And we should have more radishes too.  Our first crop was hit pretty hard by bugs so we replanted.

This is a pic of the snow peas in bloom.  The strawberries looked like this not too long ago.  Looks like a great crop headed our way!

Happy Eating!