In the share this week…

New Potatoes – the last of these for 2017, but a lot more of the storage variety to come including fingerlings!

Zucchini – it’s beginning to feel like we hit the jackpot on the zucchini harvest

Cucumbers – Likewise, coming in strong… the weather has been very favorable.  Knock On Wood!

Kale or Swiss Chard – We had enough of both last week for everyone, but this week will surely be either/or   

Carrots –  The looooong row of carrots gets shorter each week, but there are still a few weeks worth out there to pick.  Time to plant them again for the Fall this week!

Garlic – You might have won the battle Allium Leaf Miner, but not the war.  We will be back in 2018!

White Onions – Not quite sure why these look clean of any Allium Leaf Miner damage.  Clearly the bug prefers garlic.

Savoy Cabbage – crinkly and rugged looking, but actually sweet and tender….  like some farmers!

Sweet Peppers – Bell Peppers of two different colors and taste.  It might be a light harvest to start out but they look to be coming in strong

My Dad also harvested honey this weekend!  We will have limited quantities for sale of 1/2 pound honey bears, 1 lb glass jars, and 2 lb glass jars. This honey will sell quickly!  If you are interested in buying any do not wait!!  We will have another harvest of honey in the Fall.

We also saw a few of the Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes ripening up and had to give them a try last night….  if you haven’t had a Sun Gold before, you are in for a real treat.  Coming Soon!!

Those are what hands look like after weeding a 400 ft row of sweet potatoes!