This week we will be planting and preparing ground for a lot of our Fall crops.  It might be hard to believe with the forecast in the 90’s, but fall is 70 some days away.  Now is the time to get that 2nd crop of broccoli, cauliflower, collards, and a host of other seeds in the ground.   Unlike when we are planting them in the Spring though, now we have to keep up with everything else that is happening on the farm like the weeding, harvesting, trellising, etc.  Thankfully we have a great crew to help get it all done! 

On the harvest list this week:





Red Potatoes

Sweet Peppers


Swiss Chard


Red Cabbage

Fennel or Okra


We are one or two weeks away yet from quite a few of our summer “staple” crops.  I noticed a couple tomatoes starting to blush a little.  The melons are looking real good and the early varieties are getting close.  Our beans and eggplant are hanging but still too small.  And the celery looks mighty tempting.  The future is looking tasty!  And in the flower garden the sunflowers are starting to bloom…