We started harvesting a whole new type of melon last week called a sensation melon.  A few members might have even tried one this past week unknowingly and thought it was a Galia melon.  The Galia’s have a green/orange flesh.  The Sensation melons have a very light yellow  or white flesh.  Taste is described in the Fedco seed catalog as bit complex with haunting hints of hazelnut, amaretto and cinnamon.  Now how was I supposed to pass that up when I ordered seeds this winter!  They are in the share this week, some 8+ months after I ordered them… exciting times!!

What else to expect…

Big Red Watermelons

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes


Yellow Onions



All Blue Potatoes – grown for over 100 years, this heirloom potato is excellent sautéed, steamed, roasted, mashed.

Choice Table consisting of Okra, Tomatillo, Carrots, Cabbage, maybe an extra melon too?!? 

We will also be stocking a very limited amount of Fulper Family Farmstead’s products.  If you want to guarantee we will have what you want, you must order ahead.  But if you forgot or you have the impulse to buy some yogurt or cheese we might have what you are looking for.

We are going to change the setup of the pick up pavilion just a tad to accommodate the new additions. 

We are also in very preliminary talks with a bread maker.  The logistics of picking up bread twice a week will be the tough part.  Would members be interested in doing a bread share where they pay up front and then receive bread with their share each week.  Or is this something members would like to buy as needed like how we handle the eggs, dairy, and meats?  Feedback welcome!

Have a great week