We had our 3rd annual Fall honey harvest this weekend. The bees were very productive once again and we now have a darker amber color honey available.  Slightly stronger in taste, this is typical of Fall honey. You will see it on the CSA table this week. There is a small supply of spring honey still floating around, so if you are looking to stock up for the winter we gottcha covered.

“Honey Weekend” as it has been branded over the years, is a family affair that takes place at the Edelman’s Lake house. Most of the bees stay back in Northampton County but a few wanted to see the  sights and sounds of Hawley, Pa. One said bee found his way up Greg’s sleeve and stung his arm. To most this is no big deal but 2 years ago Greg found himself in an ER bay for an allergic reaction to bee stings after walking over a ground nest of yellow jackets. Like any responsible nurse/wife we had left his EPI pen at home.  I gave him some expired Benadryl and hoped for the best. Two hours later he was about to fall asleep while eating his lunch. All is well now. 

 This week we will hopefully be planting garlic for next year and continuing to harvest the rest of this year’s crops.  

CSA List

Lettuce Mix

Sweet Potatoes

Russet Potatoes


Red Beets



Kale / Chard


Choice:  Carrots, Peppers