In the share for the 1st week of July…

Carrots – the variety we grew is called Sugarsnax.  These are living up to their name!

Red Beets –  we have two varieties planted.  A traditional red and the heirloom variety chiogga has the red and white spirals….   both are delicious.

New Potatoes – these melt in your mouth!  I saw some amazing looking potato salads on our private TFF Community Facebook page.  If you haven’t joined us yet here is the link…

Purplette Onions –  Small little guys are starting to drown out in weeds… we’ll have a big harvest this week rather then weed them!!

Kale or Swiss Chard –  these will be our leafy greens for a bit with heads of lettuce resuming in late summer

Garlic – some bug damage is present and it will not store well, but plenty of good cloves to use

Zucchini – we have a bunch of varieties lined up for this year… 1st up is a traditional green

Cucumbers –  our variety Marketmore 76 has been around since… you guessed it … 1976  It remains today the most popular open pollinated cucumber on the planet!

We have a couple of edible flowers in the PYO gardens. The Nasturtiums and Bachelors Buttons are in bloom now. They have a “fork” symbol next to their name as a reminder that they are also edible.

I jumped the gun a bit on the cabbage in last week’s blog.  I thought for sure they would be ready for this week but alas, they are not.  Only about 25 are ready to be picked so we’ll have to wait a little longer for them.  There are a lot of different veggies still to come… I spotted a bunch of my favorites hanging on the vines…

It’s only the size of a silver dollar and the picture is sideways because computers love to torment me, but you get the picture, the melon patch is looking good!

Have a great 4th.  Remember Tuesday pick up is 10am – 4pm!