It’s always hard to believe when it gets here, but this week will mark the longest day and shortest night of the year… the Summer Solstice.  The giant wave of planting is coming to an end for now and we are in the midst of reaping all the rewards of harvest time!  In the full share this week…

2 heads of Broccoli

1 head of Cauliflower

2-3 Kohlrabi

2 heads of Lettuce

8 oz loose leaf Lettuce Mix

1 qt Snow Peas

1 qt Sugar Snap Peas 

1 bunch Carrots

 1 bunch Kale

1 bunch Radish and/or Red Beets

Garlic Scapes


Every week more and more flowers are blooming.   If you have the time, stroll through them and pick yourself a nice bouquet!   The cilantro is also looking  quite nice to pick in the herb garden.  Don’t forget to stroll through there as well.