We are in the thick of the tomato season now.  This year we tried out a bunch of different heirloom varieties and would love feed back on which ones everyone likes best.  Make sure you try them all! Our heirloom Amish paste tomatoes are also ripening in droves and we will have them for sale in bulk quantity if you are interested in canning. 

Along with the excitement of tomato season, our sweet corn is very close to ready.  I tried some today and it will be very close as to whether or not there will be enough ready for Tuesday.   This year we tried a variety called Augusta which is an all white sweet corn, again something new for us.

A couple of other new items in the share this week are spaghetti squash and Maris piper potatoes.   The potatoes are an oval, cream-color with pale, golden skin. It has a texture described as fluffy or floury and is considered the best variety for making french fries. It’s also a favorite for mashing and baking, but it tends to fall apart when boiled, so is not a good choice for potato salad.  This is the most popular potato grown in the UK but is hard to find in the US. 

The flesh of the spaghetti squash is similar to other squash when it is raw, but when it is cooked it will peel away in strands like spaghetti.  http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/roasted-spaghetti-squash-with-parmigiano-reggiano-13563

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Maris Piper Potatoes

Spagetti Squash

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Another big share this week… Come prepared!