First off, gotta give thanks for the rain.  We asked and we received.  2.75 inches last Monday.  And this rain we are getting today is a nice toppper!  It was a great excuse to take the day virtually completly off to spend with the family.

The tomato harvest is starting to pick up some steam and we’ll have some nice sandwich slicers to go along with the cherry tomatoes this week.  This means easy dinners for our household for awhile!   Although tonight Heather made a vegetable lasagna using slices of zucchini to replace the usual layers of pasta.  Very tasty, and there is yet another way to use zucchini!   Speaking of,  the first planting of zucchini is starting to wane a bit.  This very well could be the last week for zucchini for a while,  we do however have a second crop planted.  Also exciting to see the eggplant starting to come in.  These big guys have eggplant parmesan written all over them!    And, well timed to go along with the tomatoes and eggplant, our basil patch is now ready for cutting.   

So the CSA share for week #11:

Czech Softneck Garlic

Dutch Yellow Shallots

Sungold/Peacevine Cherry Tomatoes

Italian Heirloom/Rose De Berne Tomatoes

Bianca De Rosa Eggplant

Strawberry Paw Potatoes

Rainbow Carrots

Golden Rocky Wax Beans

8-Ball, Sebring, & Sunburst Zucchini

Genovese Basil

Brightlights/Argentata Swiss Chard or Lacinato Kale

Geez, I guess I was feeling descriptive tonight!  

Have a great week,