Stormy weather is in the forecast this week.  With tomato season just starting out it makes for some nervous farmers!   We hope you have been enjoying this year’s colorful blend of cherry tomatoes.  We have trialed many different varieties over the years, but I think we really hit on some good ones that we might just stick with.  Which color tomato is your favorite in the blend, Yellow, Pink, Red, or Orange?!?

Also, we started to harvest some of our heirloom field tomatoes!

Jonas is holding a couple of the Amish Paste tomatoes which are great for sauces, salsa, canning & fresh eating.  It is a really great tasting tomato we have grown for years that we hope to offer by the 1/2 bushel  in a couple weeks.  The other variety he is holding is called the Rutgers tomato.  This one dates back to 1928 and was developed in conjunction with Rutgers by the Campbell Soup Company.  A tomato with that great old-time flavor, juicy and delicious!

We should be able to harvest some melons this week as well.  This rain is doing them no favor, but hopefully we’ll be able to get everyone a Galia or a Sensation melon for the share.  Both melons are rather unconventional and probably a challenge to find anywhere else.   The Galia melon originated in Israel and is a green fleshed cantaloupe and when the taste is on it is absolutely delectable.  They can be hit and miss on taste though.  The white fleshed Sensation melon also has the potential to be incredibly sweet…  when you’re lucky enough to get a good one!  Let’s hope this rain doesn’t ruin them.  If the rain ruins the Sensation or Galia melons, we also have the Gold Flower watermelons ripening up.  These are yellow/orange fleshed watermelons.  We never grew these before, so let us know what you think of them!

Here is about what the share will look like:

Cherry Tomatoes

Field Tomatoes



Purple New Potatoes




Tomatillos, Cucumbers, or Eggplant